Dublin Contemporary Exhibition, Earlsfort Terrace, 2011


Liquid Display an ambient display comprised by screen filled with liquid and programmed air bubbles.


Blaithin Quinn project The Life Cycle of Polyethelene Terephythalate

Visually reminds me of my FallingWater Series project.

Art Agenda

Adam Fuss

The Space Between Garden and Eve

"….he sensorially depicts the concentric circles formed by water droplets. He creates shadow images between disappearance and appearance, which has a timeless beauty…’

FallingWater Series France 2011

Architecture as Air

Almost invisible installation by architect Junya Ishigami at the Barbican, watch the movie here.

The installation deals with the creation of space using a barely there material.

Compost Pictures, Nigel Shafran

Compost Pictures, Photoworks, Nigel Shafran

The subject is closely framed corner of a kitchen.

While these images deal with the everyday domestic existence these representations 

are very much of lived in the present that recall the routines of the mundane, barely noticed.

Home, Diana O’Hehir

Design Observer

Home a poem by Diana O’Hehir

Erased off the face of my earth, all that remains is a white space,
On it the possible ghost
Of roofline, window. I travel
Looking for myself in all the empty rooms
That say, why did you leave us.

Country of no-one. An open door, a dropped book, a photo of 
                                                          me at the age of four.

I wait for myself on the stairs,
Touching a hand along the walls,
Move up behind myself, saying: Stop that.

In the upstairs room is the memory of another solitude; it once
Made bright oxygen that raised my ribcage,
Touched against the insides of the windows, glowed out,
filled up the whole house

To roofline, timbers where now my own ghost climbs,
And sparrow swings in under the roof ridge
Her wings beating
Searching for something she’s hidden there.

An interesting poem which relates to the thoughts of the unoccupied house project Transportation

Fallingwater celebrates 75th Anniversary

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater residential mountain retreat redefined the relationship between man, architecture and nature.

Contemplating my own FallingWater Series its interesting to consider the juxtaposition between a man-made material and nature and the effects one has on the other together with the unpredictable outcomes of working in an outside environment.

Physicality of Books

Paul Bailey’s book commissioned by fashion designer Natalie B Coleman where some of the settings for the shoots is in an unoccupied house reminds me of my final project for my Post Graduate Diploma in Multidisciplinary design in an unoccupied house entitled ‘Transportation' which I would like to turn into a book but as a e-book as a way to finalise the project and bring the different elements of the project together.

The documenting of past lives and spaces, the temporary installations placed in situ and the final light sculpture using cardboard boxes.

Transportation Project